Update ‘We for Us’

The Organisation for Socio-Economic Development Nepal (OSED) works within the community at the grassroots level, supporting the empowerment of women, young adults and children in the marginalised areas of southern Lalitpur district. Although located in the proximity of the capital Lalitpur the district is still miles behind in terms of development and social perception. The ‘We for Us’ project commenced on the 1st of October 2014 and several months into the program we are happy to see that the ‘We for Us’ project has made considerable strides including;

·         Empowerment of 8 different  community centres
Children clubs have organized several different programs on children rights and sexual abuse, meant to which have helps them understand their role in society and act whenever violations occur.  OSED also supports the children’s growth and development through informative and creative activities. The organisation has created a platform for children to showcase their talents and provided them with guidance for their future as young adults. Moreover many art contests were held to help stimulate the artistic side of the children. 

·         Providing training to  6 women groups
6 women groups, existing of around 160 women, have been established in 3 different Village Development Committees (VDC)[1].  These groups serve as a support network for women, allowing them to share experiences and support. Women are empowered through awareness raising and skill and leadership training. It does not only develop their strengths, but also creates more opportunities for these women.  

Ov  Over 200 women are trained over the course of 12 classes. These classes enables them to access their rights and live healthier and more fulfilling lives as active members of their society. Classes revolve around discussions on the importance of women’s rights, legal literacy, reproductive health, sanitation and communication skills and stress management. OSED continuously encourages these women to share their knowledge with other women within their communities, thereby spreading the information around and ensuring sustainability. 

·         Awareness raising
As an international human rights organisation, GHRD, is actively engaged in the promotion and protection of the rights of women and children.International Day events are an important part of the project; the celebrations of these days are meant to raise awareness in the community and act. International Day events, which play a part in the project,   are not only meant to empower the project by raising awareness in the community but also to try and reach a bigger audience and create dialogue between local political leaders and the community. Up until April 2015 the following International Day events were organised:

·         Celebration of Universal Children’s Day

·         International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

·         International Human Rights Day

·         International Women’s Day 

Impact on society
‘We for Us’ has increased the number of women and children in social work; it has made a positive change in the behavior of family members and their relation; children have been engaged in a creative and fruitful manner during the projects, enabling them to continue this mentality during and after school. Women of Lalitpur have been equipped with knowledge of women’s and human rights and are therefore more productive members of society. 

In order to continue projects supporting the social-economic empowerment of communities in Lalitpur and the surroundingGHRD asks for your donations. OSED is relying on our help. Please donate now by clicking the button below!

[1] A Village Development Committee (VDC) in Nepal is the lower administrative part of its Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development