Meet Kajal Bheel - Forced marriages and conversions in Pakistan


Kajal Bheel – a 12 year old Hindu girl from the Matiari District in Pakistan - now known as Saira Fatima, was kidnapped, forcefully converted and married to a man twice her age. Please sign our petition to bring Kajal back to her family.

Minorities in Baluchistan


The situation of minorities in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province is rarely reported about. GHRD spoke with a human rights defender from the Southwestern province and talked about the increasing difficulties these minorities face.

Press conference on the Rights of Minorities in Sindh


On 13th of August 2014, the partners of Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) organised a press conference to raise awareness on the situation of minorities in Sindh province.

Growing Religious Intolerance – Is it our future?


Members of Coalition for the Rights of Minorities (CRM) discussed minority issues prevailing in Pakistan including the increase of religious intolerance towards minorities over the last two decades. Human rights defenders present at the event shared their concerns regarding the atmosphere of fear, insecurity and distress surrounding the minority communities.

The Vulnerability of the Ahmadi Community in Pakistan


Pakistan is the home to the largest population of Ahmadi Muslims in the world, yet Ahmadis are a relatively small minority compared to other religious groups. The Ahmadi community faces discriminatory restrictions on their freedom of religion and in attaining the same rights as other communities in Pakistan. In 1974, Pakistan passed a constitutional amendment declaring Ahmadi Muslims to be “non-Muslim”. In practice it means that Ahmadis cannot call themselves Muslims or "pose as Muslims". In 1984, Pakistan passed anti-blasphemy and anti-Ahmadi laws criminalizing religious practices of Ahmadi Muslims, which are punishable by fine, imprisonment or capital punishment.