Violence against Rohingya (Hindu) minority

Attack against minority (Hindu) Rohingyas

GHRD statement

GHRD has investigated the violence faced by minority (Hindu) Rohingyas and condemns the attacks carried out by the majority community along with the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

Upon detailed investigation GHRD has found that on 27th August 2017, a group of 50- 70 muslim men belonging to the ARSA set up a blockade before the Hindu village at the Fakirabazaar in Myanmar. The men spoke Burmese and Bangla languages and were covered in black masks. The men searched from door to door and abducted the male members from the Hindu families. They first beat them mercilessly, after which they slaughtered them with sharp weapons. The Hindu families were then forced to flee to Bangladesh where they have been living in refugee camps

Out of the 532 Rohingya Hindus, a large number of them are women and children, due to the fact that the male members of the family have been slaughtered. They have taken shelter in the chicken farm at near Kutupalong Rohingya Camp at Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh.


The children and young girls have been the worst affected. Orphaned Kishore Kumar, Tarpan Shil and Palash Shil were rescued from different camps at Kutupalong. Young Hindu girls were also rescued from Muslim camps with the help of the local community. 9 minor Hindu girls have been raped in Bangladesh by the men from the majority community.


Woman have also faced serious human rights violations. A Hindu Rohingya widow, named Rika Dhar, who fled to Bangladesh stated “We could not save our families. They killed our husbands in front of our eyes. My husband was beaten and slaughtered. They asked us to convert to Islam, however, when we denied they killed our family members”


Marginalized Hindu Rohingyas are facing discrimination in Bangladesh and have been denied humanitarian aid because of the fact that they are Hindus. The Hindu Rohingyas are in immediate of food and other essential supplies.

Global Human Rights Defence along with its local partner, Research and Empowerment Organization has provided food and essential supplies for the refugees. Moreover, medical camps have also been organized to provide basic medical facilities.

GHRD calls upon the authorities to provide the necessary humanitarian aid to the minority (Hindu) Rohingya refugees. Moreover, special attention must be paid to protect the human rights of the minority (Hindu) community in the refugee camp. GHRD also calls upon the United nations and other member states to investigate the crimes against humanity committed by the ARSA and hold the non-state actors responsible for their actions.

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