Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD), a United Nations ECOSOC organization in The Hague, cordially invites news and media outlets to their event as part of its campaign “Boycott Olympic Winter Games 2022 in China” in support of the Uyghurs, Tibetans and other minorities in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. 

The Uyghurs and Tibetans are largely discriminated minorities in China. Since 2017, it is estimated that up to 1.8 million Muslim Uyghurs, Tibetans and other ethnic minority groups have been placed in internment camps. There have been reports of alleged human rights abuses, mistreatment, rape, torture, with some alleging genocide. Tibetans are subjected to significant restrictions on movement within and beyond Tibet Autonomous Region. Individuals in Xinjiang and Tibet have reportedly been arrested without trial and no official charges have been pressed against them. In light of the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics in China, we need to raise concerns about the gross human rights violations in China. Global Human Rights Defence calls on everyone to boycott the Olympic Games in China as long as the situation in Xinjiang and Tibet Autonomous Regions remain unchanged. 

Event Details:
The event will take place on the 5th of May 2021 and will start at 10:00 CET with a in-person demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy in The Hague. It will follow with a in-person press conference at 12:00 CET during which we will have the pleasure of interviewing the President of the World Uyghurs Congress. Then, we will finish with an online discussion panel which will take a form of a Q&A. The panel will gather several experts from the Dutch Uyghur Human Rights Foundation, Campaign for Uyghurs, Justice for Uyghurs, the Uyghur Human Rights Project and more. 

10:00 (CET) –

Meet in front of the Peace Palace (Carnegieplein 2, The Hague) and march together to the backside of the Chinese Embassy (Adriaan Goekooplaan, The Hague) – livestream on GHRTV

12:00 (CET) –

Global Human Rights Office – livestream on GHRTV Alexanderveld 5, The Hague, Office 3.05

17:00 (CET) –

Online (Zoom)

GHRD is organizing this event in full compliance with the COVID-19 regulations issued by the Dutch government. Attendance will be limited, so please RSVP to this press release at Both wearing a mask, and maintaining social distances will be mandatory.

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