GHRD caters to promoting and protecting human rights globally. It places emphasis on the areas and populations where severe and extensive human rights violations of ethnic, linguistic, and religious minorities are taking place which has been completely overlooked by the mainstream media.

GHRD is integrally distinctive from other organizations as it focuses on those issues and areas where people have been deprived of their rights and both government and local authorities have not reflected much support. GHRD is distinctive, because of its permanent presence of local observers, who produce genuine information and reports of distinctive quality.

The work of GHRD is based on three pillars:
– Human Rights Monitoring and Advocacy
– Human Rights Education
– Human Rights Empowerment

The pillars are interlinked and reinforce each other. GHRD projects incorporate aspects of all three pillars. Thus, GHRD adopts a holistic approach, providing learning opportunities, advocating on the national and international level, and empowering individuals to claim their place in society.

Our Mission

We work around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.

We work together to globally safeguard human rights, prevent their violations and defeat social injustice.

The mission of GHRD is to protect and promote the human rights of minorities and marginalized groups and to strengthen their socio-economic empowerment by the means of education, support and influence. GHRD seeks the fulfillment of fundamental human rights as established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of 1948. GHRD monitors violations of human rights and, based on the collected information, advocates and influences changes in policy-making and educated numerous stakeholders for the purposes of minimizing human rights violations.



Meet our Team

Lina Borchardt
Shreya Chandrashekhar
Rabina Sheikh
Veronica Delgado
Trainee - Latin American team leader
Rick Voss
Intern GHRD Team Latin America
Wiktoria Walczyk
Legal intern GHRD Team Nepal and Indonesia + GHRD Human Rights TV group member
Priya Lachmansingh
Coordinator Asia & America
Anouk Van Vliet
Siddharth Shamsher