GHRD believes in improving your knowledge and skills through traineeship programmes. It offers graduates a promising chance to make the absolute most of their talent. It provides the opportunity to acquire practical work experience and allows trainees to gain a better understanding of GHRD’s work.

The vacancy for traineeship would vary from working in areas related to human rights development, research, media, IT, etc.

Proficiency in one or more languages is preferred but not required.

This is a great platform to be a part of an organization where one gets to interact with human rights defenders from around the world, assist in human rights issues, and help change the world.

Please submit your resume and motivation letter below. Please indicate your availability in terms of hours and time frame.

Thank you for your consideration.

Interns Wanted !!

Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) is looking for interns, that want to support them in their mission ‘’the promotion and protection of the minority, marginalised groups (globally) and their human rights’’

Intern Responsibilities:

Marketing strategies, together with the team assigned, the intern will work on marketing strategies for GHRD social media platforms.
Legal, the intern will be designated to one of the following teams: Asia, Europe, Afrika, or Latin America. The intern will be responsible for monitoring and reporting human rights violations occurring in these continents. The intern will produce articles, monthly reports, research reports, factfinding reports and will create content for short documentaries.
Working hours :

GHRD expects that their interns work for a minimum of three days in a week. Working hours are from 11.00 till 17.00. Due to the covid pandemic, it is possible to work from home.

At this moment GHRD does not pay compensation for interns. However GHRD does reimburse certain expenses ( discussed during the first meeting). GHRD provides a great platform, to make yourself know in the international human rights field. At GHRD you will get the guidance needed, GHRD is also interested in the creativity of their interns on how to address human rights issues nowadays and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Intern Qualifications / Skills:

Fluent in English verbally and in writing ( other languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Arabic are a pro)
Can work with deadlines and under pressure
Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

In 3rd or 4th year of University ( Law program)
In 3rd or 4th year of University ( Journalism)
In 3rd or 4th year of University ( International Public relations)
Prior experience in the human rights field
Strong interest in the Human Rights field

Audiovisual / Editing internship

Are you that passionate media student in the Netherlands, who wants nothing more than to make creative productions that deal with a variety of subjects and in different styles and techniques? Do you prefer to do that in a young, ambitious and fun team?

We are looking for you!

As curious as you are, as a creative video maker you collect information and convert it into cool visual content.
You are involved in our concept developments, you get your own video projects
Do you recognize yourself in this profile and do you meet the following characteristics?
You are following an MBO or HBO education focused on audiovisual media and/or editing.
You are curious like to work hard, but also like to joke from time to time.
You want to challenge yourself every day and improve in both your visual and auditory abilities.
You have an affinity with online video and can find your way in programs such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.
You are available 4 days a week

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