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Pakistani Hindu Girls: Forcibly Converted to Islam following Abduction

A 10-year-old child, Chandri Kolhi, was abducted when she was playing right outside her home, from Nasirabad. She has already been married to one Allahdino and it is unhopeful that she will be recovered, despite her parents making an impassioned appeal. Pathani Bheel was abducted from Shahadpur a few months back. Now, a Sindhi local… Continue reading Pakistani Hindu Girls: Forcibly Converted to Islam following Abduction


2013 Annual Report

GHRD’s program ‘Raising Voices for Minority Rights’ aimed at raising awareness,increasing cooperation between civil society and international organisations, training and empowering Human Rights Defenders in South Asia, researching and documenting human rights violations through fact finding missions and also employing methods to assist minorities who are struggling to make their voices heard. The annual report… Continue reading 2013 Annual Report


2013 Human Rights Report – Bangladesh

The findings in this report are based on fact finding missions conducted by local human rights defenders, interviews conducted with civil society members, victims, experts and lawyers, and official documents and news articles. Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) is continuing to monitor the human rights of religious minorities, indigenous people and LGBT community in Bangladesh.… Continue reading 2013 Human Rights Report – Bangladesh


2012 Human Rights Report Pakistan

During 2012, the blasphemy laws continued to be used as a tool by society to target religious minorities. The poorly drafted legislation enables police and individuals to abuse the laws, incarcerating individuals indefinitely on the basis of hearsay and without evidence. Abductions, forced marriage and forced conversion continued to place minority girls in danger and… Continue reading 2012 Human Rights Report Pakistan