Privacy and Data privacy online in context of Nepal

Overview of the Lecture:

Privacy is our fundamental human right ensured by our constitution and different international treaties.  However, it is always defined and practiced from andro-centric perspective in which women and people from different minorities group’s experiences and needs are not considered. Their right to privacy is mostly invaded within patriarchal family structure and when they are subjected to gender- based violence the state or society often consider it as a ‘private matter’ and suggest to resolve within the households. 

Similarly, women’s online privacy is invaded by the male members of the family. They are surveilled through the devices they use. The intimate pictures or videos taken in consent when a couple is in a relationship/partnership is published online without consent of the other vulnerable party. This not only violates their right to privacy but also is attack on their bodily autonomy and violation of their right to dignified life. Here, we can also observe that our online privacy is linked with online gender- based violence. 


Body & Data is digital rights organisation in Nepal working to increase women and queer persons’  engagement in digital spaces through suitable strategies for expression, autonomy and agency. The organisation support to organisations and individuals to use secure digital strategies for meaningful access and participation on the internet. 

About the Speaker:

Rita Baramu is the programme manager at Body & Data. She comes from the background of gender, law and land rights. She advocates about women’s, ethnic and minorities issues from a feministic perspective. 


Date: 2nd April 2021
Time: 1 PM (13:00 hrs Amsterdam time)
Place: Online via zoom