Project ”we for us”

The Organisation for Socio-Economic Development Nepal (OSED) initiated the project ‘We for Us’ to help the Nepalese community on a grassroots level. The project was created with a clear vision in mind; to build a society focused on sustainable development and eliminate all forms of discrimination. OSED works within the marginalised areas of the southern Lalitpur district and aims at supporting the empowerment of women, young adults and children. Although located in the proximity of the capital Lalitpur the district is still miles behind in terms of development and social perception.

Over half of the women in Lalitpur are confined to household chores, child bearing and rearing, leaving these women excluded from any decision-making processes. The women lack education to an extent of being illiterate and unaware about their rights; they suffer from the lack of sanitation and existing health structures; some have to endure domestic violence and are in most cases financially dependent on their husbands. Children face the same difficulties. A study by UNICEF in Nepal found that 66% of women have endured verbal abuse and 33% emotional abuse. In 77% of these cases the perpetrators are family members (UNICEF 2001). Gender-based discrimination originates at home and has been institutionalized as a culture.

Through awareness raising, skill training, orientation and facilitation, the project aims at empowering women and children. In addition to its work with women, ‘We for Us’ also supports the growth and development of children through community centers. These centers provide educational and behavioral guidance and the children who participate perform better in school and therefore have a higher chance of getting into higher education. The centers also serve as a platform for children to get involved in arts and other extracurricular activities, competitions, quizzes and spelling contests.
GHRD plays a fundamental role in enabling OSED to continue their projects. GHRD supports OSED both organizationally and financially, with the aim of increasing the scope, durability and sustainability of OSED’s projects.
To ensure GHRD’s continued support for the future years we rely on public contributions. Funding is an integral part for making our work and the work of our partner NGO’s, like OSED possible. If you would like to contribute and make the change possible, please, click on the donate now button below.