HR Report – Pakistan

The findings in this report are based on fact finding missions conducted by local human rights defenders, interviews conducted with civil society members, victims, experts and lawyers, and official documents and news articles.

To learn more about the human rights situation of minorities in Pakistan in 2011.

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HR Report – Bangladesh

The following report brings together GHRD’s quarterly reports for 2011 on human rights for minorities in Bangladesh, highlighting the key fact finding investigations conducted by local observers during the year. The report provides some brief background on the history and situation for minority groups in Bangladesh before providing the quarterly reports from 2011 in order of most recent report first (July – September). Finally, the report brings together recommendations from the entire year to the government of Bangladesh.


Annual Report

Raising voices for minority rights will be executed according to three key thematic pillars: freedom of religion and belief, freedom of sexual orientation and sexual identity and freedom of human rights defenders.

It will combine capacity building and training of human rights defenders in Bangladesh and Pakistan with fact finding investigations into specific human rights violations, awareness raising activities, and advocacy, both at the national and international level.

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