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Global Human Rights Defence is happy to announce that we have been granted the Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). This is a great honor that marks many years of our and our partners’ hard work and dedication.



The ECOSOC is a platform central to the United Nations’ system of reflection, innovative thinking and debate on sustainable development. A variety of stakeholders, such as parliamentarians, policymakers, academics, foundations, business sector representatives, major groups, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) participate in the Council. The status is only granted to NGOs with particular competence in the fields covered by the ECOSOC, thus providing added value to the Council’s decisions.


As a result of the lengthy bureaucratic process of acquiring the ECOSOC status, GHRD and its local partners will have a better opportunity to contribute to the global debate and ensure that decisions are made based on reliable and objective information. We will do this by engaging in direct dialogue with the UN representatives during the intergovernmental meetings, submitting oral and written statements, providing expert analysis on the issues of vital importance, raising awareness among the global public through organising events at the UN Human Rights Council, and using various other tools provided by the ECOSOC status.


Thank you to all of our supporters whose enthusiasm has assisted GHRD in reaching this important milestone. Together, we will bring the voice of minorities and human rights defenders to the global decision-making stage!


For more information about the Consultative Status, visit this website:

Working with ECOSOC: an NGOs Guide to Consultative Status


Attacks against Hindus in Pakistan must stop

The increasing number of kidnappings, murders, and forced conversions of Hindu girls in the Sindh district of Pakistan impelled human rights organizations such as PHSWT, GHRD, CSSP, PHF, and CRMP to arrange a protest at Press Club Hyderabad in Sindh on September 18th, 2015. This demonstration demanded the attention of official authorities for the protection and rights of minorities of Pakistan, and justice for the families of victims, which include Naseeban Bheel and Hawli Meghwar.


Sexual violence against indigenous women and girls in Bangladesh: A timeline of cases from January to July 2015.

The timeline below includes some of the documented cases of violence against indigenous women and girls in Bangladesh between January and July 2015.


Being a Sexual Minority in Bangladesh: Finding protection in a paradoxical legal system

“Bangladesh’s gender and sexual minorities (LGBT) often feel insecure about their gender identity and sexual orientation for a number of reasons, including the persistent stigmatisation due to religion and cultural norms, a societal and institutional denial about the existence and validity of such diversity and the criminalisation of same-sex relations. The existing traditional conservatism in Bangladesh does not allow expression of sexual and gender plurality in the country. “In addition criminilisation of same-sex relation in Bangladesh leads to a climate of oppression for sexual and gender minorities.



Annual Report 2014


2014 has been a year of increased cooperation for GHRD, as well as its local and international partners. Marked with 27 international events celebrations, increased coalitions memberships, independent hands-on research, and various campaigns and trainings in Europe.


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