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Growing Religious Intolerance – Is it our future?

Members of Coalition for the Rights of Minorities (CRM) discussed minority issues prevailing in Pakistan including the increase of religious intolerance towards minorities over the last two decades. Human rights defenders present at the event shared their concerns regarding the atmosphere of fear, insecurity and distress surrounding the minority communities.


Human Rights Alliance in Bangladesh: GHRD contributes to Factors of Change

GHRD continues to make a difference in South Asia through implementation of its four year human rights programme called "Raising Minority Voices". The programme adopts creative campaigning initiatives, strengthens collaboration between local human rights defenders and enables community empowerment in order to defend and promote the rights of marginalised groups and minorities. GHRD supported the establishment of a human rights platform, Human Rights Alliance Bangladesh (HRAB), for local human rights defenders and civil society organisations (CSOs) to have a greater positive social impact on the communities that we work for.


European Voluntary Service: “Active Volunteer, Active Citizen

As a human rights organisation active in multiple fields including education and youth, GHRD has been engaged in several European projects since 2009. The European Voluntary Service (EVS), part of the European Commission’s new Erasmus+ programme for education, training, youth and sport provides the opportunity for young people to participate in various voluntary activities, both within and outside of Europe.



2013 Human Rights Report - Pakistan


2013 Human Rights Report - Pakistan shows the state of human rights for religious minorities in Pakistan during 2013. This report is based on fact findign missions and extensive research done by GHRD staff and local human rights defenders.


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GHRD's Human Rights Blog

GHRD continues to involve brightest minds from Asia and Europe as contributors to our human rights blog. If you are interested in raising a human rights issue and becoming a contributor, send us an email at education@remove-this.ghrd.org

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