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"We have survived a horrific tragedy. In minutes we became homeless. For the last 60 years I had worked to make sure my children have the basics they need. Now we have lost everything. I cannot continue my work. My village is ruined, filled with the ghosts of the beauty that existed." - Gyan Lal Dangol, 66 years old

Dozens of aftershocks that followed the earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015 have demolished entire villages, leaving people homeless in a restless anticipation of the monsoon season. The ever-increasing death toll has reached 8,500 people by mid-May, while at least 10,000 were injured. Apart from power outages, failures of mobile networks and shortages of medical supplies, food etc., there is a huge concern about the disease outbreak.

Although humanitarian aid reaches Nepal, the remote villages tend to be neglected due to excessive damage in infrastructure and widespread political disputes. Because the villages that need help the most don’t receive any, GHRD and its local partners, Organisation for Socio-Economic Development (OSED Nepal) and Village Development Foundation (VDF), have set out to help 7,000 families (over 35,000 people) in 3 districts: Sindhuli, Ramechhap and Khokana. Read more


Three weeks in the city of Peace and Justice: a testimony of a human rights defender from Bangladesh

GHRD had the pleasure to host a Bangladeshi human rights defender and director of Boys of Bangladesh (BoB), Tanvir Alim this June. Tanvir came to the Netherlands as a participant of GHRD’s traineeship programme, designed to build stronger ties between GHRD and its partner organisations. During his stay, Tanvir, together with the GHRD team, had the opportunity to launch a joint research-report created by GHRD and BoB entitled ‘The Invisible Minority’, as well as meet with MP’s in The Hague and MEP’s in Brussels. All the public events presented a great opportunity for Tanvir to build his international network, lobby on behalf of his community on the European level and raise awareness about the issues the LGBT community in Bangladesh face on a daily basis. In this article he talks about his experience to make you think, smile and live by inspiration.


60 years on Hindus in Pakistan still do not have a Marriage Bill

Since 1955, Hindus have been demanding legislation to allow them to legally register their marriages in Pakistan. However, even today Hindus in Pakistan still can’t claim their constitutional rights to do so. The passing of the Hindu Marriage Bill is extremely important for the Pakistani Hindu community as it will relieve them from the terrible socio-economic, political and domestic marginalisation they face on a daily basis. Aside from being important for the Hindu community, the passing of the Bill is vital for the country if Pakistan aspires to be a true democracy.


Thousands of Nepalese are without a home with the upcoming monsoon season

The dozens of aftershocks that followed the earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015 have demolished entire villages, particularly in rural and remote areas in Nepal. The ever-increasing death toll has reached 8,500 people by mid-May, while at least 10,000 were injured, making it the deadliest disaster to ever hit Nepal. In this difficult time, there is a need to raise awareness and show our support and friendship to those in need. GHRD will launch a crowdfunding campaign on 30 July 2015, the International Day of Friendship and World Day against Trafficking in Persons, to provide relief aid to the targeted communities in the most affected and remote areas of Nepal.


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Annual Report 2014


2014 has been a year of increased cooperation for GHRD, as well as its local and international partners. Marked with 27 international events celebrations, increased coalitions memberships, independent hands-on research, and various campaigns and trainings in Europe.


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