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PRESS RELEASE: The Home Ministry must urgently withdraw the discriminatory orders on the Chittagong Hill Tracts and Indigenous Peoples, Bangladesh

GHRD is deeply concerned by the unconstitutional and discriminatory orders of the Home Ministry. No other region or minority group is imposed to such restrictions and surveillance from the government in Bangladesh. The decisions violate the basic human rights of indigenous peoples; while potentially hinder the monitoring and documentation of human rights violations in the CHT. It is clear that these restrictions will be harmful for the welfare of region and its people.


Update: Kajal Bheel Case

Update #SaveKajal: February 11th, 2015 - Kajal Bheel’s hearing is again postponed. This is the 8th hearing and the 5th time that the hearing is postponed. GHRD is outraged by the prolonged legal process without a clear justification for the postponement time and again. GHRD calls for the return of Kajal to her parents. We will keep you updated on Kajal's 9th hearing.



Protection of minority children: Forced Marriages in Pakistan

Today Justice Sijad Hussian Shah rendered a verdict in the case of Anjali Meghwar, who was abducted and forcefully married in October 2014. The 12-year old girl has been handed over to her abductor, who she was forced to marry within a matter of hours after her abduction. During the court hearing, when asked by the judge, the girl nodded in agreement with her intention to stay with the man she was married to in October.



2013 Human Rights Report - Pakistan


2013 Human Rights Report - Pakistan shows the state of human rights for religious minorities in Pakistan during 2013. This report is based on fact findign missions and extensive research done by GHRD staff and local human rights defenders.


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