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Shrinking space for Non-governmental Organisations: Bangladesh and its Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Act

The Government of Bangladesh has proposed a new NGO law that would impose onerous constraints and challenges on NGOs operating in the country. The draft law entitled “The Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Act 2014” (FDRA), facilitates arbitrary government power over NGOs, restricting their rights to engage in voluntary activities and potentially curtailing critical work on the protection and promotion of human rights and people's welfare


Volunteer- Graphic Designer

Are you a graphic design student looking for a great opportunity to build your portfolio? Global Human Rights Defence is looking for a volunteer to design brochures, human rights reports, campaign posters, infographics and digital materials for GHRD's website.


Global Human Rights Defence - Fundraiser

GHRD is looking for an ambitious fundraiser motivated by passion for human rights. The fundraiser will bring solid experience in identifying donor resources, managing relationships with donors and writing grant proposals to increase organizational sustainability and effectiveness.




2013 Human Rights Report - Pakistan


2013 Human Rights Report - Pakistan shows the state of human rights for religious minorities in Pakistan during 2013. This report is based on fact findign missions and extensive research done by GHRD staff and local human rights defenders.


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GHRD's Human Rights Blog

GHRD continues to involve brightest minds from Asia and Europe as contributors to our human rights blog. If you are interested in raising a human rights issue and becoming a contributor, send us an email at education@remove-this.ghrd.org

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