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6587The Rights of the Ogiek as an Indigenous GroupIndigenous peoples are entitled to individual and collective rights, including the rights over their ancestral …2024/02/28, , , Download
6586Right to religious freedom and non-discriminationQueer rights in Latin America have seen significant advancements since the 1990s, with victories such …2024/02/28, , , Download
6585The Social and Economic Rights Action Center and the Center For Economical And Social Rights v. NigeriaThe case against Nigeria highlights numerous human rights abuses, particularly violations of the right to …2024/02/28, , Download
6584Even War Has Rules A Broken Promise to HumanityIt reflects on the importance of upholding humanity in the face of political and economic …2024/02/28, Download
6583The Conception of Feminism Research Report Women’s Rights TeamFeminism is often misunderstood globally, with misconceptions ranging from viewing it as anti-men or advocating …2024/02/28Download
6582The Interview of Nazley Sharif South Africa’s Shadow Deputy Minister of Women Youth and Persons with DisabilitiesIt aims to spotlight overlooked violations and advancements in women’s rights globally, recognizing these issues …2024/02/28, , Download
6581Iran’s past, present and future in women’s rights Research ReportThe report delves into the evolving landscape of women’s rights in Iran, tracing its trajectory …2024/02/28, , Download
65808th of March ReportInternational Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8th, serves as a crucial reminder of the …2024/02/28, , Download
6579The refusal of recognition of transgender legal motherhood in the ECtHR’sThe European Court of Human Rights rendered a decision in the case of A.H. and …2024/02/28Download
6578The challenges of expecting women to prevent war, build peace, and represent the entire female bodyIt emphasizes the crucial role of women in peacebuilding efforts, highlighting their unique perspectives and …2024/02/28, Download
6577Women’s Rights in Natural Disasters A Gendered PerspectiveThis report highlights that natural disasters disproportionately impact marginalized groups, with women and girls being …2024/02/28, , Download
6576Child early and forced marriage as Woman’s Rights violationDespite global efforts to reduce Child, Early, and Forced Marriage (CEFM), its eradication by 2030 …2024/02/28, Download
6575Breaking Barriers Empowering and Advocating for Women in STEMThis report addresses violations and champion the implementation of women’s rights globally, with a focus …2024/02/28Download
6574At the Intersections of Women’s Rights Examining the Rights of Marginalised WomenThis report highlights the historical achievements of the women’s rights movement while acknowledging its historical …2024/02/28, , , Download
6573Women Human Rights DefendersIt delves into the critical role of Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) in advancing human …2024/02/28, , Download
6572Exploring Article 4 of the ECHR Analysis of the ECtHR’s Jurisprudence on Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation and Forced ProstitutionIt examines the application of Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) …2024/02/28, , Download
6571The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Media and Women’s RightsThis report discusses the dual impact of media on women’s rights, highlighting how it has …2024/02/28, , , Download
6570Women Domestic Workers in Diplomatic Households in the NetherlandsThe report examines the vulnerability of migrant domestic workers employed by diplomats, highlighting their susceptibility …2024/02/28, , , Download
6559Online Gender Based ViolenceThe report delves into the pressing issue of online gender-based violence (OGBV), highlighting its various …2024/02/28, , Download
6556Women and Girls in Refugee SettingsThe report examines the gender-specific challenges faced by women and girls within the refugee framework, …2024/02/27, , Download
6457100 psychological tricks to live a happy life2024/01/09Download