2013 Human Rights Report - Bangladesh


GHRD presents its 2013 Human Rights Report - Bangladesh. This report reviews the human rights situation of minorities in Bangladesh throughout 2013 and is based on fact finding missions and the extensive research done by GHRD staff and local human rights defenders.

2013 Annual Report


GHRD is proud to present its 2013 Annual Report which highlights key activities and success stories from the past year.

2012 Human Rights Report - Bangladesh


Committed to the future of the nation, Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) has monitored human rights for religious and ethnic minorities in Bangladesh since 2003. GHRD recently expanded its target groups to include sexual minorities, as they belong to the most marginalised in Bangladeshi society.

2012 Human Rights Report - Pakistan


In 2012 increased sectarian violence, coupled with political instability and the pervasive influence of terrorist groups in society all contributed to a culture of extremism throughout Pakistan. Lack of the rule of law, police corruption, impunity and state tolerance of persecution at all levels of authority continued to give cause for concern on minority rights.

2012 Annual Report


This annual report presents the highlights, key activities and success stories from the past year.