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This movie is a Global Human Rights Defence production

GHRD sent two of our researchers and movie makers to Bangladesh to research the matter close to our hearts. Since GHRD was founded in 2003, our work is deeply rooted in the areas of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, motivated by atrocities and human rights violations which happened in the past and are happening to this date.

The movie will be presented for the very first time in Brussels, in May 2023. Our audience can further enjoy the movie at our Human Rights Film Festival The Hague in June.

Enjoy the trailer and sneak peek at “What Happened?” and let us know¬†your¬†thoughts.

Videos that demonstrate the significance that GHRD places on supporting minorities in Pakistan

Global Human Rights Defence chairman gives a short explanation why GHRD is supporting World Sindhi Congress and the Baluchi community in their fight for justice.

GHRD wants to raise awareness about the minorities in Pakistan.

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Global Human Rights Defence covered various protests and events about the Sindhi minorities, often live on our news channel GHRTV.

The evening after the World Sindhi Congress was filled with joy.

An interview given at the World Sindhi Congress.

Global Human Rights Defence was present at several protests at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland regarding the minorities in Pakistan.