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Final Call to Pakistan: End Discrimination and Cease Enforced Disappearances

Project Overview

Global Human Rights Defence is announcing a year long campaign titled “Final Call to Pakistan,” launching on the 10th of December 2023 (International Human Rights Day). This campaign will involve activities such as protests, petitions, and events held across Europe and the world calling for engagement and action on the human rights of minority communities in Pakistan. We urge you to join us in documenting, publishing, educating, and pushing for accountability in this matter.

Pakistan is facing severe discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities, human rights activists, and journalists, including arbritary arrests, enforced disappearances, extrajudical killings, and land grabbing and displacement.

Our Mission

Urging an end to discrimination and forced disappearances in Pakistan presents an opportunity to reclaim dignity for ethnic and religious minorities, who endure daily arbitrary discrimination at the hands of the Pakistani government. It also offers a platform to amplify the voices of human rights advocates, journalists, and political opponents unjustly detained to stifle dissent.

This is our chance to not be complicit in the pervasive climate of impunity in Pakistan.

Campaign activities

  • Petition for Recognition:
    The petition urges Pakistan’s government to address severe human rights violations and advocates for the UN to appoint a Special Rapporteur or establish a Working Group to investigate these issues.
  • United Nations Advocacy:
    Advocacy and lobbying involve collaborating with international human rights bodies and the global community to pressure the Pakistani government and lobbying policymakers and stakeholders to support measures addressing these issues.
  • Media Campaign:
    Our comprehensive media campaign spans various platforms and formats to increase visibility. The media campaign aims to raise awareness about discrimination in Pakistan through social media and public events.
  • Research and Documentation:
    The organization is conducting research to document human rights abuses, partnering with NGOs to gather data and testimonies, and publishing reports to provide evidence-based insights.

Content regarding this campaign

Interview with Mr. Munawar Sufi Laghari: Advocating for Sindhi Human Rights

The Sindhi Foundation is addressing the abduction and forced conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls in Pakistan, including Priya Kumari, aiming to raise international awareness, pressure the Pakistani government, and garner international support.

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