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Seeking Justice - Recognition of 1971 Bangladesh Genocide

Project Overview

In the annals of history, the Liberation War witnessed unfathomable atrocities perpetrated by the Pakistan Army, resulting in the loss of approximately three million lives on the lands of a state that is now Bangladesh. Tragically, over two hundred thousand women endured heinous acts of sexual violence, and millions of lives were taken. This campaign, led by Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD), seeks to bring these war crimes to light and advocate for their formal recognition by esteemed international bodies, including the United Nations, the European Union, and the United States of America.

Our Mission

To ensure justice for the victims, to prevent the erasure of their stories from the collective conscience of the global community, and to prevent the recurrence of similar tragic events in the future.

Campaign Initiatives

  • Petition for Recognition: 
    GHRD has initiated a petition with the ambitious goal of collecting 30 million signatures. We believe that such widespread support will underscore the urgency and importance of recognizing the historical injustices.
  • United Nations Advocacy:
    The campaign has already made strides by hosting a Side Event at the 54th United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to shed light on the grave injustices committed during the Liberation War.
  • Media Campaign:
    Our comprehensive media campaign spans various platforms and formats to increase visibility. We aim to inform and engage a global audience on the importance of acknowledging and rectifying historical wrongs.
  • Strategic Collaborations: 
    Beyond reaching out to the public, we are actively engaging with technocrats, politicians, ambassadors, and Members of the European Parliament. By leveraging their influence and networks, we aim to create a cross-national movement demanding recognition.


In October 2023, we started our journey by conducting extensive research, networking, choosing events, coordinating with partners, and producing persuasive advocacy materials. We will begin on-the-ground operations in November 2023, primarily in Brussels, Geneva, and the Netherlands. Our primary focus will be on our involvement in conferences, such as the Global European Summit in Brussels, where we will meet with MEPs and engage with UN representatives. Additionally, we will collaborate with local organizations and actively work with Dutch research universities, in addition to strategically reaching out to the media. By March 2024, when we hope to present our case at the 55th UNHCR Convention in Geneva, the campaign aims to collect 30 million signatures. As a result, March 2024 will be dedicated to planning, reporting, and assessment for continued lobbying initiatives until September. Our goal is to make our case at the 55th UNHRC Convention in Geneva, and this timeline suits that goal.

Get involved!

Support our campaign by signing the petition, sharing our message on social media, or contributing to our cause. Together, we can ensure that the voices of the victims are heard, and justice prevails.


For inquiries, partnerships, or media-related matters, please contact us at: (Mira Nerpel) (Mariana Mayor)

Join us in our quest for justice and recognition.


Mariana and Mira from the Global Human Rights Defence Campaign Team

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