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31 May

Conquering the Right to Abortion – The French Journey on Women’s Access to Abortion

Simone de Beauvoir’s famous quote from 1949 remains relevant today to drive the fight for women’s rights, particularly sexual and reproductive rights. Statistics show that six out of ten unintended […]


1 Feb

A Feminist Europe, Dream or Reality?

Since 1957, the European Union (EU) has been a key player in promoting gender equality, establishing comprehensive frameworks and empowering women within its member states. The EU supports women’s sexual […]


1 Dec

Challenges in the Jurisprudence of the ECtHR on Women’s Rights Issues: An Analysis of Abortion and Domestic Violence Cases Before the Strasbourg Court

This report examines key judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) concerning women’s rights, particularly those relating to reproductive rights and domestic violence. The ECtHR is the judicial […]


19 May

Their Bodies, Their Voices

Abortion remains a controversial issue, with states like Akansas and Texas implementing restrictive policies since 2011. Despite Roe v. Wade guaranteeing women’s right to choose, many people want to ban […]


1 May

Abortion Rights Around the World: Research Report

Abortion remains a contentious issue worldwide, with millions of women participating in discussions about Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) rights. However, the US has become more restrictive in recent years, […]


1 Sep

Mexico Landmark Rulings on Reproductive Rights: Abortion – No Longer a Crime!

In September 2021, the Mexican Supreme Court declared the total criminalization of abortion unconstitutional, overturning a statute punishing women with up to three years of imprisonment. The court also rebutted […]