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27 May

Women´s Roles in the 1971 Bangaldesh Genocide

This report highlights the experiences of women during the Bangladesh Genocide in 1971, emphasizing their resilience, contributions, and suffering. It aims to honor their legacy, advocate for justice, and foster […]


21 Aug

Child Early and Forced Marriage as Woman’s Rights Violation: A Common Reality in Niger, Bangladesh and the Dominican Republic

Despite global efforts to reduce Child, Early, and Forced Marriage (CEFM), its eradication by 2030 remains unlikely due to economic challenges, gender stereotypes, and patriarchal norms. Progress towards ending CEFM […]


18 Sep

Challenging State Impunity: The Plight of the Rohingya People and the Gambia’s Claims that Myanmar’s Government has Committed Genocide

The Gambia has filed a case against Myanmar in the International Court of Justice (ICJ), alleging that the country has violated its duties under the Genocide Convention by committing atrocities […]


1 Aug

5th Anniversary of Rohingyas’ Exodus in Bangladesh: What’s Next?

August 2022 marked the fifth anniversary of the Rohingya Muslims’ exodus from Myanmar into Bangladesh. Since 2017, around a million people have been sheltered in Bangladesh, marking a serious mobility […]


12 Jul

Religious Persecution/Religion-Based Violence in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has been grappling with communal and religious-based violence since its independence from Pakistan in 1971. Radical Muslim groups and religious fanatics have led to constant deaths, disappearances, conflicts, and […]


1 Jun

LGBTQ+ Rights in Bangladesh

The LGBTQ+ community in Bangladesh faces numerous systemic injustices, including physical and sexual violence, low representation in political and administrative bodies, discrimination in employment policies, and lack of access to […]


20 May

Freedom of Speech in Bangladesh

Freedom of expression is a fundamental pillar of democracy, allowing everyone to participate in public affairs. It is recognized at international and national levels, including in international human rights instruments […]


1 Feb

International Women’s Day in Bangladesh

This report highlights the human rights violations faced by Bangladeshi women, despite constitutional guarantees of equality. Despite the country’s constitutional guarantee of equality, women still face significant disadvantages, including high […]


1 Jan

The Bangladesh Climate Crisis: Assessing Climate Change Social Impacts

Bangladesh, a predominantly Islamic country in South Asia, is one of the world’s most densely populated and rural countries, with a high dependency on agriculture. However, the country’s high natural […]


1 Aug

Human Rights Violations Against Religious Minority Communities in Bangladesh

The Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) and Research and Empowerment Organization (REO) have been organizing a global campaign aimed at protecting the human rights of Bangladesh’s minority population. They work […]