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1 Dec

Challenges in the Jurisprudence of the ECtHR on Women’s Rights Issues: An Analysis of Abortion and Domestic Violence Cases Before the Strasbourg Court

This report examines key judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) concerning women’s rights, particularly those relating to reproductive rights and domestic violence. The ECtHR is the judicial […]


1 Oct

Child Marriage in Indonesia: Extensive Country Report

Indonesia has one of the highest rates of child marriage under 18 years, with one out of nine girls getting married before their 18th birthday. This is concerning as it […]


14 Apr

Gender Based Violence in Costa Rica and the Case of Allison Bonilla Vásquez

The gap between written laws and their enforcement in legal systems worldwide is significant, particularly in addressing security issues like violence against women. In some cases, a lack of execution […]


1 Mar

The Shadow Pandemic Femicide in Europe

Femicide, a serious and preventable pandemic, has grown exponentially alongside the COVID-19 pandemic. Femicide is defined as the murder of women because they are women, often perpetrated by men, but […]


1 Feb

International Women’s Day in Bangladesh

This report highlights the human rights violations faced by Bangladeshi women, despite constitutional guarantees of equality. Despite the country’s constitutional guarantee of equality, women still face significant disadvantages, including high […]


1 Mar

Nepal Report

This report highlights the challenges faced by minorities and marginalized groups in Nepal, including religious minorities, women, disabled people, and castes. It highlights significant violations committed against minorities in March […]