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17 Dec

The Rights of the Ogiek as an Indigenous Group

Indigenous peoples are entitled to individual and collective rights, including the rights over their ancestral lands, as outlined in international and regional instruments like the UN Declaration on the Rights […]


30 Sep

Monthly Report on Government’s Repression of Freedom of Speech and Minority Voices in Vietnam

This report examines the Vietnamese government’s repression of civil society and human rights defenders. It provides an overview of the country’s history, socio-political landscape, religious and ethnic minority groups, and […]


18 Sep

Challenging State Impunity: The Plight of the Rohingya People and the Gambia’s Claims that Myanmar’s Government has Committed Genocide

The Gambia has filed a case against Myanmar in the International Court of Justice (ICJ), alleging that the country has violated its duties under the Genocide Convention by committing atrocities […]


1 Sep

Monthly Report on Philippines

The report highlights the human rights issues faced by indigenous people, ethnic groups, religious minorities, children, and women in the Philippines. This report aims to raise awareness and encourage further […]


23 Apr

Hate Speech and Discrimination Against Roma

This report highlights the ongoing discrimination against the Roma ethnic group, particularly in Europe, and the rise of online hate speech during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Roma Genocide, perpetrated by […]