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31 May

Conquering the Right to Abortion – The French Journey on Women’s Access to Abortion

Simone de Beauvoir’s famous quote from 1949 remains relevant today to drive the fight for women’s rights, particularly sexual and reproductive rights. Statistics show that six out of ten unintended […]


14 May

Women in Gaza

The report focuses on the situation of Palestinian women in Gaza, specifically addressing gender-based violence (GBV), health challenges, and how it fits into International Humanitarian Law (IHL). The situation in […]


1 Jun

Women’s Rights in Natural Disasters A Gendered Perspective

This report highlights that natural disasters disproportionately impact marginalized groups, with women and girls being particularly vulnerable due to entrenched gender inequalities. Discriminatory laws and practices, along with gender stereotypes, […]


1 Mar

Women and the Working Environment

The report examines the role of women in the working environment, focusing on academia and research, leading positions, gender pay gaps, and maternity rights. Women represent half of the world […]


25 May

The Massive Incarceration Of Women In Brazil: A Cycle Of Violence And Exclusion

The global trend of female incarceration is increasing, with 740,000 women currently in prison, a 17% increase from 2010. This rise is attributed to policies criminalizing drug possession and punishing […]


1 Jan

The Bangladesh Climate Crisis: Assessing Climate Change Social Impacts

Bangladesh, a predominantly Islamic country in South Asia, is one of the world’s most densely populated and rural countries, with a high dependency on agriculture. However, the country’s high natural […]