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27 May

Women´s Roles in the 1971 Bangaldesh Genocide

This report highlights the experiences of women during the Bangladesh Genocide in 1971, emphasizing their resilience, contributions, and suffering. It aims to honor their legacy, advocate for justice, and foster […]


22 May

Rape as an Act of Genocide: A Feminist Interpretation of the Akayesu Judgement

Jean-Paul Akayesu’s trial marked the first time the crime of genocide was prosecuted under the Genocide Convention, ruling that rape and sexual violence could constitute genocide. This led to the […]


18 Sep

Challenging State Impunity: The Plight of the Rohingya People and the Gambia’s Claims that Myanmar’s Government has Committed Genocide

The Gambia has filed a case against Myanmar in the International Court of Justice (ICJ), alleging that the country has violated its duties under the Genocide Convention by committing atrocities […]


23 Apr

Hate Speech and Discrimination Against Roma

This report highlights the ongoing discrimination against the Roma ethnic group, particularly in Europe, and the rise of online hate speech during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Roma Genocide, perpetrated by […]