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12 Dec

Beyond Borders: Analysing Japan’s Immigration and Detention Landscape in Light of International Legal Standards

Japan, known for its economic advancement, technological innovation, and commitment to peace, has a restrictive approach to migration and asylum policy. Critics argue that the country’s policy has led to […]


1 Apr

Women and Girls in Refugee Settings

The report examines the gender-specific challenges faced by women and girls within the refugee framework, beginning with the historical oversight in the UN Refugee Convention and subsequent grassroots efforts to […]


17 May

‘Ukrainians First’: Uncovering the Racism against African, South Asian & Middle-Eastern Refugees from Ukraine

The article highlights the discrimination and racism experienced by Global-South nationals fleeing Ukraine during the Russian invasion. African women were barred from trains, black and Asian refugees were violently pushed […]


1 Jan

The Bangladesh Climate Crisis: Assessing Climate Change Social Impacts

Bangladesh, a predominantly Islamic country in South Asia, is one of the world’s most densely populated and rural countries, with a high dependency on agriculture. However, the country’s high natural […]


31 Oct

Human Rights Violations in Malaysia

Malaysia, a multicultural country with diverse religions, ethnicities, and refugees, predominantly consists of the Bumiputra’s, also known as ”sons of the land”. Despite Malaysia’s democratic ideals, such as equality, freedom […]