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In addition to focusing on particular global regions like Europe, East Asia, and Pakistan, Global Human Rights Defence regularly writes articles about a wide range of news topics under the general heading of human rights, such as women's rights or international justice.

Side Event minorities in South Asia

Panelists at Human Rights Council discussed minority issues in South Asia, particularly Pakistan, critiquing Pakistan’s policies, militarization, and poverty in Gilgit-Baltistan, urging European citizens to participate.

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European Humanitarian Forum 2024 Day 1

GHRD’s EU team attended the 2024 European Humanitarian Forum, discussing Rohingya, North-West Nigerian, child protection, and conflict’s hidden costs. They emphasized international attention and aid.

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Panel Discussion on Cyberbullying Against Children

The UN Human Rights Council’s 54th session discussed cyberbullying against children, highlighting escalating bullying, digital literacy education, and increasing suicides. Panel urges states to develop safety policies and open communication.

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UNHRC September 25 Recap

The UN Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine is investigating Russia’s human rights abuses during Ukraine’s war of aggression, focusing on the illegal deportation of 9000 Ukrainian children and their inhumane treatment in Russia.

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